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I work from home. I have many windows with a beautiful view of the park to give me a lot of light and peace. Nature can be so inspiring.


I don't have a fixed schedule. It would inhibit my creativity. When I get up in the morning, I feel whether it will be a creative day or whether I should do something else to regain my strength. But once in my flow, I can sit for hours in front of my canvas being creative. I am an early bird and therefore prefer the morning hours to the afternoon for my work ...

You will usually find me in absolute silence. Silence is my source of inspiration.



I mostly only work with Water-Soluble Oil Paints. The color intensity and color brilliance of oil colors is unique and cannot be compared with any other medium. However, depending on the type of use, oil paints have a relatively long drying time from a few days to several weeks.

Conventional oil paints require binders such as turpentine to make them spreadable. An unpleasant smell and questionable toxic factors are among the reasons why I prefer to stay away from such oil paints.


Whereas water-soluble oil paints do not require any solvents thanks to the added emulsifier. This makes them ideal for painting indoors. They can be processed in the same way as traditional oil paints and can simply be diluted with water and thus also washed out of the brushes easily. A great alternative without turpentine and without losing color brilliance.

BUT I also tend to work with Mixed Media.







There is no right or wrong ❤︎

If I can’t achieve a certain effect with one medium I choose another :)

It’s perfect to reveal the creative soul inside me!

Multiple materials can trigger new ideas!

Um…it’s FUN :D

Mixed Media is the freedom to play and create some really amazing effects using a large variety of mediums!!


I only paint on high quality stretched canvases made of 100% linen or cotton/linen. Linen canvases are particularly strong and stable so the colors can be beautifully applied onto them.



After the paintings get dry to the touch, I seal my works with a special spray varnish to protect the pictures from dust, dirt and environmental influences such as UV radiation.

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