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Hello, welcome to my world full of art and inspiration!

My name is Jenna Roehrs

I have been painting my entire life. I am a self taught artist living in Tokyo, Japan. My primary inspiration comes from nature and the beauty of Japanese culture which gives me an abundance of positive input and inspiration, without losing the connection to my European roots.


I am known for creating colorful statement pieces with metallic elements. I use brushes, palette knives, calligraphy pens, markers and more to create a radiant style, but I also love to create neutral pieces every now and then. With my paintings I express joy in art and life.


Due to the immense distractions in everyday life it is sometimes difficult to slow down and appreciate the beauty around us and our world. I hope my artwork will inspire the viewer to see life more colourfully and in a positive way. My paintings have been brightening homes and apartments since November of 2019. My hope and desire is to bring a lot of color and joy to your life with my vibrant artwork.

Follow my journey through @jennasfineart

"In every work of art, the artist himself is present"

- Christian Morgenstern - 


Since I moved to Japan after studying Japanese language and culture at the university of Hamburg, I have been living and working here for over 9 years now. 


My base is currently in Tokyo and I express my colorful soul with the help of my oil paint and my brush.

My heart has always been beating for art - it was my most favorite school subject. In kindergarten I loved to color the windows with finger paint. Even now I still have this characteristic color scent in my nose. Maybe the little artist in me got awakened at this early age :)

Behind the Art

Art is my calling,

my lifeblood, my fulfilment

Art has the power to make people happy and to give you strength. It can add so much color, joy and life to a room. It is unbelievable how inspiring art is and how delightful it can be by simply looking at it.


I have already worked in many, very different professions, but nothing has ever satisfied me more than holding a brush in my hand and being creative.


It was the best decision of my life to devote myself to the world of art and to inspire people all over the world with my artwork.

I am a self-taught artist. 

My style is colorful and always topped with a dash of gold leaf ;)

I paint what comes to mind - so don't be surprised if you discover very different motifs on my website. I don't like to fix myself in one direction or one way of expression. I am like the element of water, because life is a constant flow and therefore my paintings are as well, subjects of constant change.


Have fun browsing through my page and thank you for stopping by ❤︎

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